The DESAŠ Behavior Index was developed by Forrest H. Patton over a period of years. It is based on the extensive behavioral study and works of psychologist William M. Marston. It is not a test in the sense of scoring high or low. The DESAŠ Behavior Index simply indicates styles of behavior. Mr. Marston's studies established that each individual is a unique combination of four basic behavior patterns. The relationship of these patterns to each other indicates styles of behavior and how people react with others.


The Index provides profound understanding of one's self.

Perhaps best of all, it provides excellent insight into the reactions of others, and how to mesh one's own style with another. Thus DESAŠ has proven to be a superb tool for improving communications skills, building better relationships and using the knowledge gained to efficiently influence specific reactions from another person.


The DESAŠ Behavioral Index is one of the most accurate behavioral instruments of its kind and is used extensively by corporations, universities and government agencies around the world for hiring, training, and team building.